Aerial Imaging

Exellium Aerial Imaging specialises in low altitude, high definition photography and videography.

Our drones (officially registered at the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport) are equiped with stabilized high resolution cameras so we can ensure you the best possible image quality.

Do you need spectacular aerial images or videos from your company, event or house? Exellium is specialised in professional aerial imaging (photo and video) in high resolution.

Why working with us?

  • High quality work for a sharp price.
  • We are happy when our client is happy.
  • We can work on your pictures or videos to improve the result.
  • You are the owner of all materiaal (even raw untreated images).
  • Flexibility - when due to weather conditions the planned shoot cannot take place, we'll fix another date for you.

Demo reel


  • Marketing and promotion: Do you have the need to present your company or product in a special way to your target audience? Opt for a spectacular aerial or mounted air video. We will bring your company or product in a wonderful way in the picture.
  • Real estate: Are you a real estate agent or a real estate owner? Taking pictures or filming the property you are selling or you own, is one of the services offered by Exellium.
  • Architecture or construction: Are you an architect of a buidling promotor? We can shoot the progress of your project from the sky, which is useful for all concerned stakeholders.
  • Events: Are you organizing an event, wedding, company event or any other type of event? For the sky we can capture your event in a special way.

Sample pictures


We can offer you a package (photo + video) starting from 150 EUR (excl. VAT), including about 30-35 minutes of flight time to make pictures and videos.
Also transportation costs up to 50km are included.

If you need a specific offer, please contact us. We work as sub-contractor for photographers and agencies.